IT Manager

Manage complex work environment composed of multiple devices and connections.

  • Keep control on ever-growing internal and external data flows
  • Create an effective, flexible, secure and connected working environment
  • Quickly integrate new solutions with the existing information system
0 % of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.


How MaPS System helps you meet these challenges?

connecter MaPS System à vos outils

Connected and flexible solution

MaPS System is accessible from all common web browsers. Besides, the solution easily connects with your main tools thanks to the RESTful API and multiple connectors (ERP, e-commerce, CMS, print solutions).

Easily deployed

Modular and scalable, MaPS System is integrated in an agile, step-by-step manner. The platform scales up as your business grows and is perfectly able to meet your future expansion needs. We grow with our customers!

un produit qui évolue selon vos besoins

Entirely customizable

Adapting the solution to the specificities of your business field, as well as users’ expectations doesn’t require any specific development. Also, an advanced configuration of user rights allows to create workflows that are perfectly tailored to the internal and external users' missions.

Our solutions for you


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