Product Information Management (PIM)

One PIM solution for all your product information

More than just a tool for collecting and centralizing product information, a PIM solution helps you to create consistent and relevant product experience across all touchpoints of your brand.

From a single and connected PIM repository, you can easily edit, enrich, control and publish contextualized product information, relevant for each channel, language or country.


How does a PIM solution work?

Product data from different existing sources is collected, centralized and organized in the PIM solution. Then all the synchronized data is enriched and managed by PIM users.

Finaly the personnalized and contextualized product information is ready to be published on all channels.


One PIM and plenty of features

This is how our PIM solution can empower your multichannel marketing:

One trusted product repository

Centralize all your product data in your PIM regardless of type, format, or source and spend fewer efforts on updating and keeping them in order.

Product master data

A PIM is good, Product MDM is better! Manage all data related to your products from one place and create product relations including suppliers, distributors, or customer reviews.

Custom dashboards

A global overview of the quality and completion of your product information, workflows, activity reports… the dashboard entirely adapts to your missions!

Multichannel & multilingual mode

Contextualize your product content by country, language, season, or channel. Manage an unlimited number of languages and publishing channels thanks to your PIM.

User-friendly workflows

Set up workflows to create, enrich, or publish your product sheets. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the process thanks to the alerts.

Complex marketing products

Create complex marketing offers, promotions, and special offers by using numerous options of product relations present in your PIM.

PIM as a solid basis for a unique product experience


A better quality of product information

Our PIM solution give you the possibility of setting up rules of data quality management (DQM) to always have a perfect control of data and guarantees the publication of reliable, rich and accurate product content.

Cost optimization

The automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks allows you to drastically reduce publishing costs. Thanks to the PIM your teams allow more time to providing a great customer experience than to gathering a lot of products data from differents types of sources


Faster time-to-market

With our PIM launching new products, services, special offers, or promotions becomes fast and easy thanks to the centralized data management and an improved collaboration between all project members.

Preparing product data for multichannel sales

Product information explodes in complexity and variety. And if you want to diversify or expand your product range, go international or create a new sales channel, keeping product data in order and publishing it becomes exponentially difficult. Inspired by a concrete customer case, this ebook explains why and how you should structure your product data with a PIM to successfully control multichannel sales.


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