Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PIM solution?

PIM solution (Product Information Management) centralizes information related to products from multiple systems and sources (e.g. spreadsheets) so that there is only one stored version of all product information available internally (staff) and externally (e.g. web or graphic designers, photographers, etc.).

What is a MDM solution?

MDM solution (Master Data Management) manages critical business data related to different master data domains (suppliers, customers, products, employees, materials, PoS, etc.). The data is centralized, consolidated, and synchronized within a unique and connected master repository. Through rights management, authorized users can easily define which information is accessible and modifiable by whom.

What is a DAM solution?

DAM solution (Digital Asset Management) allows to centralize in one unique repository all your digital assets : documents, images, video, audio, etc. On this DAM platform, users are able to create, add, search and use all types of assets to produce and distribute consistent and high-quality multimedia content (catalogues, brochures, presentations, etc.).

What is the difference between a PIM and a MDM solution?

The main difference between a PIM and a MDM solution is the type of data that is managed. Where a PIM solution only focuses on product data, MDM manages all kinds of business data, whether it concerns suppliers, customers etc. A MDM solution has higher purposes than marketing: it improves the overall business efficiency by optimizing the internal & external collaboration, and providing a unique point of reference for all your business data.

I work with different tools, does MaPS System adapt to the existing systems?

MaPS System easily adapts to the company’s existing infrastructure thanks to the RESTful API. We also provide packaged technical connectors for top of the notch CMS, eCommerce, and print solutions. Any further (ad-hoc) application developments can be requested upon demand via generic and custom web-services.
Content is consolidated & synchronized across all platforms to ensure data governance and to deliver a seamless multichannel experience.


I want a flexible platform. Why choose MaPS System and not an open-source platform?

Beware of hidden costs. An open source’s cost of a business licence is certainly not free of charge. MaPS System is not open source, but it is an open system. Developers can be trained and work on MaPS System’s PHP framework so that it exactly suits your specific needs.