Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Create high-quality multimedia content

Rich multimedia content extends dwell time, increases conversion rate on the e-commerce websites and drives shopping motivations in traditional store.

Managing your digital assets centrally within a DAM solution allows you to achieve a perfect consistency between your product information and multimedia content.


All digital assets at your fingertips

This is how our DAM solution can empower your multichannel marketing.

Custom repositories

Feel free to organize your assets in your own way! Create custom folders or attach your media tree view to your product repository.

All formats accepted

Upload and preview multiple asset formats, such as vector images, photos, video and audio files, or documents.

SEO tools

Your digital assets get a better ranking with integrated SEO tools (i.e metadata fields, meta descriptions, automated image naming).

Media profiles

Set image parameters for each sales channel (size, definition, dimensions, watermark, etc.) and they will be automatically applied to the visuals you need to publish.

Image editing tools

Edit your images (crop, resize, paste a watermark) directly within MaPS System’s interface without opening a third-party application.


Editing an image doesn’t change or overwrite the original file, as all versions are saved in the history. You can roll back to any of them at any time.

Your digital assets under a perfect control


Reduce your digital clutter

All digital assets are collected, centralized and consolidated within a unique media repository. Users are able to create, add, search, use the assets and adapt them to different publication (catalogues, flyers, brochures, web pages, etc.) without changing the original file (versioning).

Keep control on the published content

Through historization and versioning, users can see the context where the image was used, but also schedule publish/unpublish actions to prevent companies from a non-compliant use of licensed assets.


Excellent product experience

The use of rich multimedia content (images, videos, sounds) is one of the essential factors for a successful customer experience.

5 reasons to use a DAM solution

62 hours per year! This is the average time spent by communication managers looking for brand assets (logos, banners, corporate wallpapers, presentations, files, etc.). Nothing but this reason is sufficient enough to centrally manage your digital assets by adding up a DAM solution to your daily used tools.

Discover 5 more reasons in this ebook !


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