PIM · Product Information Management.

Centralize, enrich and distribute your product information!

MaPS System's PIM meets the specific needs of all business sectors.

Improve product information quality and deliver a great customer experience across all your sales channels!

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Product Information Management - Gouvernance de la donnée produit

How does our PIM work?

How a pim work schema

Product data from different existing sources is collected, centralized and organized in the PIM solution. Then all the synchronized data is enriched and managed by PIM users.

Finaly the personnalized and contextualized product information is ready to be published on all channels.

One PIM and plenty of features

Data import

Easily import raw product data from an .XLS / .CSV file or directly connect the PIM to your different databases.

PIM features - Import of product data

Tailor-made data structure

Organize product information according to your business habits. Structure your PIM data by categories, universes, attributes, etc.

PIM features - Organization of product information

DAM included

Take advantage of a real multimedia library to organize all of your digital resources. Combine products and visuals and keep control on your copyrights.

PIM features - digital asset management with DAM

Product master data

A PIM is good, Product MDM is better! Associate products with suppliers, brands, designers or customer reviews.

PIM functionalities - Associate product information with your suppliers, brands, customer reviews

Bulk edition

Quickly apply a series of changes to your product catalog. Improve agility and productivity of your teams.

PIM features - edit your product information in bulk

Data quality management

Check product information quality before launch and quickly make the right move. A high product data quality, this is what our PIM solution offer.

Business rules engine

Use rules engine to monitor data compliance and reduce your margin for error.

PIM features - business rules engine

Enhanced product sheets

Edit product sheets in one click. Enrich marketing information, add multimedia files, manage translations. Create a real product experience.


Your teams work with the same data source. Everyone only access to information they have to. Distribute easily the enrichment of the product catalog between departments.

PIM features - Collaborative work


Set up workflows to create, enrich, or publish your product sheets. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the process thanks to the alerts.

PIM Features - Validation Workflow

Data export

Export product information you need with just one click using an intuitive PIM interface. Configure quick export profiles according to your needs.

Also in the box!

Versioning, multi-languages, multi-channel, logistics management, statistics, reporting, search engine, API, PDF generator, etc.

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A PIM for a unique customer experience.

PIM - Qualité des informations produit.

A better quality of product information.

Our PIM solution give you the possibility of setting up rules of data quality management (DQM) to always have a perfect control of data and guarantees the publication of reliable, rich and accurate product content.

Faster time-to-market.

With our PIM launching new products, services, special offers, or promotions becomes fast and easy thanks to the centralized data management and an improved collaboration between all project members.

PIM - Time to market
PIM - Expérience utilisateur experience produit .

Enhanced product experience.

Less time in collecting information means more time available to enrich and personalize your product sheets. PIM is the solution to offers to your customer the experience they want from you.

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Master Data Management Your suppliers, distributors, points of sale, customer reviews within a unique platform. Manage your master data centrally to easily access, collaborate and leverage it.


Digital Asset Management A complete overview and perfect control of all your digital assets (images, documents, videos, etc.)


Multilingual and Multichannel Simplify the publication of your content and adapt it to the specificities of each distribution channel (country, season, language, audience)