Multilingual & multichannel publication

Your product content on all channels

Working with a multichannel publishing solution allows you to create page templates and preview them in real time! Once you have made up your mind about your catalogue layout, the product information and digital assets are automatically drawn from PIM and DAM repositories. Everything is synchronized with InDesign (for print catalogues) or any e-commerce solution (Magento, Prestashop, etc.).


Multichannel publishing made simple and easy

This is how our publishing solution can manage different languages, formats, channels and contexts.

Web & print publishing

Everything you need to manage your web (e-shop, marketplace) and print publications (catalogs, technical sheets, price lists, etc.)

Page templates

Define the structure of your catalog. Create, test and preview different page templates. 


Get an accurate preview of product pages (web) or export them in PDF format (print).

Automated publication rules

Multiple options and rules will simplify your publication process, such as automated updates or scheduled publication for special offers (web).

Data controls

Define the controls for a flawless quality of the published content. For example, you might need to track products with images in low resolution or missing translation.

Languages and publishing contexts

Manage multilingual versions and adapt your publications to different contexts (season, country, target group, language, etc.).

Your product content in a better version, with MaPS System


Automation of tedious tasks

You no longer need to manually compose your product content, as the information is automatically retrieved from existing data sources (PIM, DAM and / or MDM).

Relevant content for each channel

Adapt your content according to each distribution channel (online store, marketplace, print catalog, price list, brochure, connected screen, etc.)


Irreproachable quality of the published ontent

Everything you need to deliver high-quality content: control rules, validation workflows, scheduled publications. As for print materials, thanks to the synchronization with InDesign, you can make corrections even at the last minute!

Multichannel publishing solution

What it changes for marketers and designers

Multiple back and forth moves, misunderstandings, never ending add-ons, last minute changes…these situations are common in most of the marketer-designer relationships.

This Ebook will explain how a multichannel publishing solution streamlines and improves the working process between a designer and a marketer in the context of multichannel marketing.


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Master Data Management Your suppliers, distributors, points of sale, customer reviews within a unique platform. Manage your master data centrally to easily access, collaborate and leverage it.


Product Information Management A unique and reliable product repository to better organize, enrich, reuse and adapt your product information to different publishing channels.


Digital Asset Management A complete overview and perfect control of all your digital assets (images, documents, videos, etc.)