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Firstly, this new functionality is indeed very useful for all companies or groups that manage a high volume of product data! It is vital to be able to quickly detect any mistakes in the database, whilst continuing to expand it in real time. These are two key challenges in terms of data governance!

In concrete terms, here is how this works in the MaPS System:

  • You have the MaPS Data View module which allows you to segment your data into lists according to certain criteria and to extract specific views from the central database in the unique MaPS* system.
  • You formulate a query: for example, you want to obtain a list of all the products with a price between €15 and €35 inclusive of all taxes.
  • You save your query in MaPS Data View.
  • That’s all you need to do! MaPS System takes over and instantly converts your query into a control in the unique MaPS system.
  • You decide whether you save a query. You are entirely independent in this respect.

The aim is of course to ensure the traceability of your queries. This traceability is practical for finding your extracts and thus allows you to avoid repeating them, but it also allows you to check your data by segment!

You’ll find more information in the ‘Solutions‘ section.