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The ease of use was the key aim in redesigning this feature. By expanding the functional scope of the connector, it will be possible to manage all business data repositories, issued by products and customers, directly in MaPS System. This significant development will allow to manage in a practical way and automatically numerous operations, without any other intervention needed in the Magento CMS.

logo_roxecomFor this review, it was crucial for MaPS to rely on expert skills so we could meet the level of demand and the high quality that we aim to provide to our customers. So, MaPS decided to to entrust the overall redesign of its connector to Roxecom, an agency-expert in Magento E-commerce development.

Jérôme Megel, the head of E-commerce division in Roxecom, is one of the 37 French developers awarded with the prestigious certification “Magento Developer Plus”. This makes Roxecom one of the best French agencies for Magento.

The active collaboration between MaPS and Roxecom will allow to enjoy this powerful highly anticipated new connector by the end of September 2014.