This is an Application Programming Interface (API) for data exchange between applications that is compliant with REST standard (Representational State Transfer). This standard was created in 2000 [...]

BPM – Business Process Management

BPM (Business Process Management) is an entity of strategies, methods and tools that aims to analyse and streamline the processes implemented in the company. The tools having BPM type alow to [...]

DAM – Digital Asset Management

A DAM solution (Digital Asset Management) allows to centralize in one unique repository all your digital assets : documents, images, video, audio, etc. On this DAM platform, users are able to [...]

Master data

Reference data, or master data, is the company’s strategic business data concerning customers, suppliers, distributors, points of sale, products and services. It is not subject to frequent [...]


Drupal is a free and open source CMS (Content Management Solution), for creating, managing, organising and publishing different types of content on a website (blog, corporate website, eshop, etc.)


EasyCatalog is an Adobe InDesign plugin, that is used to create product catalogs, brochures, directories, etc. It allows to automate content assembly and layout originating from a data source. [...]


European Product Database for Energy Labelling. Since January 2019, any manufacturer, importer or distributor who introduces a home appliance or an electronic product to the European market is [...]


ERP stands for Entreprise Resources Planning. This type of softwares allows to manage and monitor almost all company’s activities and operations, such as inventories, purchases, sales or [...]

Energy label

The energy label includes mandatory product information, originating from the EPREL database. It displays product category, supplier name, as well as annual energy consumption and energy [...]


Data exchange format used in the field of building supply. Its main purpose is to facilitate data transfer from the supplier to the distributor. Based on BMEcat, FAB-DIS was initially launched by [...]

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