Multichannel marketing through data management

Goodbye to...

Working with SPREADSHEETS as the main source of product information

MANUALLY managing multiple channels, through which products are promoted and sold

JUGGLING campaigns with varying contexts & messages

A central repository for product information

How does a Product Information Management solution work? It centralizes information related to products from multiple systems and sources (e.g. spreadsheets) so that there is only one stored version of all product information available internally (staff) and externally (e.g. web or graphic designers, photographers, etc.).

The data format of the product information needs to adapt to the organizational data model (specified through the MDM solution), so that there exists a clear definition of the attributes used to describe the products.

This harmonization of product information creates consistent and reliable product information with a high quality level. It is sustainably kept accurate through dashboards that indicate incomplete or missing information.


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Empowerment of suppliers through their own access to the system database to independently have them provide and enrich product information (product descriptions, sizes, labels, dimensions, colors, etc.)

Reduced time-to-market and automated reporting

Multiple staff members and externals constantly enrich and request information, wasting time in the process. A PIM solution eliminates this process through one common source of information – not only saving time and resources, but also money.

The adaptation to the seasonal and promotional offers as well as changing consumer demands can be realized faster with a PIM solution since product information can be enriched or added simultaneously for all distribution channels.

The existing database of product information can be leveraged by adapting it to different contexts, i.e. when wanting to enter new markets. Suppliers, e.g. retailers requesting a data report, are easily generated within the interface based on its flexibility which enables data to be formatted and then exported exactly in the way it is needed.


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Quick data report generation through the possibility to adapt the data format to international standards (i.e. GPC, BMEcat®) commonly used by suppliers

Consistent brand messages throughout all channels

Marketers sell and communicate through several distribution channels (web, mobile, print, PoS, online vendors, marketplaces, etc.), countries and languages (Multichannel Marketing).

They simultaneously manage campaigns with varying contexts and messages targeting different consumer groups (Inbound Marketing). Meanwhile, consumers seek high quality, consistent and resourceful product information on all distribution channels (especially through the web).

With a PIM solution, product information can be edited and contextualized, making it easier to derive compelling and differentiated content. This way, Marketers can build a unique brand identity with a seamless, integrated & consistent customer experience throughout all touch points of their brand.


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Standardization of product information, and avoidance of data errors or incomplete data through the definition of workflows, i.e. required validations of all product descriptions before their distribution through the website

11 hours wasted creating and managing documents

11+ hours spent by workers each week creating and managing documents.*

49% of marketers go to it to manage their website

49% of marketers have to go to IT or another department when they need to add, manage, or edit content on their website.*

*PDF Association Survey – March 2015

What makes MaPS System’s PIM unique?

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Import product information from several systems, databases, and documents (i.e. Excel, Word, PDF, etc.)

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Follow up on content from idea to finalized Marketing campaign

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Creation of tailored data reports based on any need expressed by other departments, partners or suppliers

Learn how MaPS System can help you standardize your product information and optimize your Multichannel Marketing


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