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Visuel Master your product information

Master your product information

The product information management
is the backbone of your marketing offer.

Visuel Collaborate efficiently

Collaborate efficiently

Workflows and business process management
is essential for an effective cooperation
of different departments in your company.

Visuel Improve your e-merchandising

Improve your e-merchandising

Effective product presentation is vital in e-commerce. With MaPS System, managing your product portfolio has never been so easy.

Visuel Conceptualise your data

Conceptualise your data

Our solution offers you a fully configurable, flexible, polymorphic database that addresses the diverse needs of IT departments, such as marketing.

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Optimise your data, streamline your catalogue management processes and boost your marketing performance.

Master your product data and information with the MaPS System software suite and develop an effective multi-channel marketing strategy.

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What are your needs?

Our solution addresses the wide-ranging needs and issues of the majority of companies.

MDM repository
Manage your master data repositories easily and reliably with a flexible and fully configurable tool.
Catalogue management (PIM)
Manage your product catalogues, automate your business rules, facilitate cooperation and simplify product data sheet distribution.
Media and document management (DAM/DM)
Manage all your digital documents and media; facilitate file organisation, retrieval and sharing.
Data quality
Guarantee optimum data quality by implementing fully configurable dashboards and workflows.
Connect with the best solutions on the market – concentrate on your core activities and sales without worrying about the technical details.
Automated production of paper catalogues
Automate the production processes for your paper catalogues, improving efficiency and reducing production costs.
Multi-channel publishing
Centralise your content and develop contextually relevant material for all your distribution media (web, print and mobile devices).
Global marketing
Use our tools and services to translate your content quickly and easily so that you can boost your competitivity on your international markets.

Key features: Repository and multi-channel publication

All the features you need for successful marketing in a single system.

“MaPS System is the perfect solution for all our e-business back-office management needs. It offers multilingual management for our e-commerce site, which has been published in five languages. MaPS System also centralises all our product data into a quality data repository, and allows us to publish specific data for marketing purposes.”

Michel PETITPAS, Research Manager

Bergère de France

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