Multichannel marketing through data management

Goodbye to...

WASTING time manually gathering publication content

UNCERTAINTY of the data reliability & completeness

Creating publications FROM SCRATCH despite already existing content

Web Publishing

How does the Web Publishing solution work? The Web Publishing solution enables companies to prepare, create, and distribute online content (texts, images, videos, etc.).

Manually creating the content from scratch is no longer necessary, since users directly refer to existing templates, naturally saving time and resources. Duplicates are eliminated by re-purposing content, drawn from the existing (MDM, PIM, DAM) database.

Content can automatically be customized and adapted to each distribution channel (web, mobile, print, PoS, online vendors, marketplaces, etc.) or context – referred to as Multichannel publishing.

Publishing content to E-shops is facilitated through an automated feed to the E-shop solution of choice: Magento, Prestashop, and Drupal. Published content can directly be modified or changed, without any web or graphic designer skills.


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Publishers are able to follow the supply chain from the initial content creation / collection to the finalized online layout

Print Publishing

How does the Print Publishing solution work? The Print Publishing solution standardizes and streamlines the production of print content.
Similar to Web Publishing, information is retrieved from the (MDM, PIM, DAM) database, minimizing manual efforts.

Seasonal changes or special promotions require updates. All content, even entire publications can easily be updated through single or bulk modifications. Additionally, publication previews can be generated, allowing the user to validate the publication before release.

Last minute updates on print-ready documents are quickly and easily done. High resolution print files, generated through print solutions (i.e. Adobe InDesign) are directly edited from the Print Publishing interface.


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Automated publication of print content (i.e. complex catalogues, brochures, price sheets, flyers, technical documentation, instruction manuals, labels, etc.) through the streamlining of resources

21.3% of productivity decrease through document challenges

Document challenges cost organizations 21.3% of their overall staff productivity*

30% of all data in catalogues have errors

30% of all data in catalogues have errors*

*PDF Association Survey – March 2015

What makes MaPS System’s Web & Print Publishing unique?

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Save time and resources allocated to the production of publications

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Leverage content
by reusing it

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Model the content the way you need it for each web or print publication

Learn how MaPS System can help you
automate your content publication processes


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Master Data Management

Management of critical business data (i.e. concerning suppliers, customers, products, employees, materials, PoS, etc.) within a unique & connected master repository


Product Information Management

Management of information related to the promotion and sale of products through multiple distribution channels (web, mobile, print, PoS, etc.) including
product descriptions, sizes, labels, dimensions, colors, etc.


Digital Asset Management

Management of digital assets & documents including images, videos, audio and MS Office files, PDFs for storage, distribution and cataloging

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