Multichannel marketing through data management

Goodbye to...

Managing UNSTRUCTURED media content, that is hard to retrieve and share

Suffering from a NEGATIVE user experience based on inconsistent product appearances

LOSING focus and control over publicly used visual content (Digital Rights Management)

A central repository for digital assets

Today, every company publishes content: texts, images, videos, audio, etc. Businesses need to share media internally and communicate across an increasing number of distribution channels (web, mobile, print, PoS, online vendors, marketplaces, etc.)

How does a Digital Asset Management solution work? All of the company’s digital assets are collected, centralized and consolidated within a unique media repository.

On this DAM platform, users are able to create, add, search, use, and reuse all types of assets, to produce and distribute consistent & high-quality multimedia content (catalogues, brochures, presentations, etc.).

Multiple versions of content are easily managed whether it is about restoring previous content versions (versioning) or creating localized content (contextualization).

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A DAM solution enables companies to centrally handle large volumes of content & assets originating from multiple sources and orchestrate its internal & external distribution

A seamless & engaging consumer experience

Digital assets have become an essential part of the user’s brand experience. Before deciding to purchase, consumers seek highly detailed information on products. They want to see if it corresponds to what they are looking for, if it appeals to their taste, and they also want to compare products.

Digital engagements range from a picturesque scenery of a fancy vacation resort, a comprehensive video demonstration of a software interface, to a touch-based device to interact with the product in a physical store. Rich media-driven engagements optimize consumer experiences, extend dwell times, drive shopping motivations, and ultimately increase purchase rates as people comprehend the picture of the product they are looking at.


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, indeed, visual content conveys more and stronger emotional connections than written media

Facilitated & controlled usage of digital assets

Thanks to a DAM solution’s search engine and ability to add metadata to media, users are able to quickly find, use, and reuse the media to put it to work.

The contextualization by distribution channel, country, or language allows users to adapt media files to the required resolution and specifications of the distribution context – without changing the original media file.

Users can see if an image has already been used plus they can track in which context it has been used (historization).
Workflows defining the exact usage of any media can be set, preventing companies from a non compliant use of licensed assets.


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A DAM system enables the management of usage rights for all visual content that is used publicly (Digital Rights Management)

70% efficieny increase through dam

70% of all people say they use DAM to improve workplace efficiency*

62.5 hours loss through the search for digital assets

62.5 hours spent by marketers searching for brand assets on an annual basis**

*eMarketer report, December 2014
**BusinessWire, January 2016

What makes MaPS System’s DAM unique?

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Import of all types of media files (i.e. documents, videos, audio files, etc.)

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Clarity of the file purpose through the possibility to comment and add metadata descriptions to files

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Preview & design the publication content without having the additional software (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) stored on the device

Learn how MaPS System can help you
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